We are happy to introduce a digital release of new music from Carl Stone arriving March 1, 2019.  Track 1 from the album, "Okajouki," is now streaming.

Despite non-stop activity (live concerts, festivals, collaborative records, and his well loved Electronic Music from... 70s-80s and 80s-90s compilations) and non-stop new music creation, this is somehow the first release of new Carl Stone solo music since 2007's Al-Noor.  A second full-length album of new material is in the works for September, and Carl will be appearing for some US dates (outside of his Tokyo home-base) this March, including Big Ears festival.
Upcoming Live Dates:

2019 March
  • March 16 - Brooklyn NY - Murmrr Ballroom w/ Eli Keszler
    (save $5 w/ advance tickets)
  • March 17 - Washington DC - Rhizome DC
  • March 21-24 - Knoxville TN - Big Ears Festival 2019
2019 June
  • June 26 - Berlin, Germany - Kiezsalon