Unseen Worlds just launched a year-end campaign that is something more like a 10-year-end campaign, it being the end of our 10th year of releasing music. We are very pleased and honored to still be doing it.   

This ten year mark is not only a rare time to ask for your support to help push Unseen Worlds into its next ten years, but it's also a time of great growth and potential for the label. The funds raised with this campaign will not just be an affirmation and celebration of the label's life up to this point, but also a real building block that will facilitate growth at a key time.

We have some great rewards for donating:   

  • A limited-edition, campaign-only Laurie Spiegel 12" single featuring a late 1970's collaboration with Don Christensen (impLOG, The Contortions) and an alternate version of "Patchwork"   
  • A special edition of our February release from Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom J. Jasmine: My New Music paired with a a vintage J. Jasmine Songbook   
  • Totes, shirts, hats   
  • 2018 release plans and subscriptions   
  • and more...    

Thanks for pledging however best you can and for being a supportive part of our music community.