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KMH: Piano Music In The Continuous Mode
UW02 | May 2007
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Lubomyr Melnyk's debut album from 1979, KMH, is an unheralded touchstone of minimalism. Performing solo on piano with a speed that suggests multiple pianos playing together in harmony, Melnyk nearly brings out the full sound of the instrument all at once. His music is lush and maximal yet it possesses the restrained, slowly evolving nature found in music by artists like Steve Reich and Terry Riley. Melnyk developed his unique approach to minimalism while working with dancer/choreographer Carolyn Carlson (who also worked with Igor Wakhevitch) in Paris during the 1970's. Carlson’s influence led Melnyk to create music that is dramatic enough for the stage yet meditative enough for deep listening, a version of minimalism with the engimatic traces of Satie. 

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Jewel box
Remastered from the privately produced master tapes
8 page photo booklet with liner notes by Lubomyr Melnyk


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"Lubomyr Melnyk’s music sounds like nothing else…One of its most striking attributes is its rhythmic complexity, which makes playing it a major feat of virtuosity; polyrhythmic patterns of three and four and seven and eight, for instance, going on simultaneously create an enormously rich contrapuntal texture, out of which new melodies are constantly emerging… Any fans of minimalism and maverick experimentalism with an immensely attractive sound should check out Melnyk’s phenomenal performance of his unique music." - All Music Guide, Five Stars

"Surely one of the reissues of the year, Lubomyr Melnyk’s debut album is somewhat analogous to Charlemagne Palestine’s "Strumming Music," but with a more detailed melodic sense. Extremely listenable and fascinating, "KMH" is a major rediscovery that will change the way people look at official canon of 20th century minimal music. There’s no reason he should be left out of the textbooks from here on out." – Other Music