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Out of the Blue
UW01 | January 2007
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For the first time on CD, "Blue" Gene Tyranny’s first album from 1978 (originally one of the first Lovely Music releases) is here – beautifully remastered, with new artwork and 24-page booklet. Blue is a Grammy-nominated composer and pianist who has performed on records by Robert Ashley (Perfect Lives), John Cage, and Laurie Anderson, yet this is quite different. Composing for what is essentially a chamber rock ensemble, a cast of female vocalists, and himself on the Polymoog and RMI synthesizers, Blue has created a song-cycle that reflects his intensely melodic and free piano technique in a polished studio record. Out of the Blue elegantly combines adventurous New Music technique, the style and appeal of pop music, and the grace of classical music to form an unclassifiable and totally revelatory whole. Endearing, exciting, familiar yet unlike anything else – this is a very friendly record.

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Jewel Box
24 page booklet with period photographs, as well as new liner notes by "Blue" Gene Tyranny, Peter Gordon, Patrice Manget, and Kathy Morton


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"…my favorite avant garde pop record, with all the sublime kitsch and profoundly ironic relish of a pure postmodern moment… transferred to CD, Out of the Blue sounds still more vivid now. To use Peter Gordon’s words, this is "gorgeous" music." – WIRE (UK)

"Though sounding timeless, just try to find another album in which the AM folk pop stylings of Carole King rest heads comfortably with Poppy Nogood-era Terry Riley. Each of these four long tracks moves about though, from song to rock to minimalism and back, providing a wonderful entry into the world of this most cherubic figure of the American vanguard and modern classical." -Other Music

"… an ambitious and moving masterpiece… takes up half the record. It is ‘Letter From Home,’ an epistolary song in the tradition of Harry Partch’s ‘Letter’ " – The New York Times